Import an order that was paid for with a gift card

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I'm working on a sales channel app.  I'm trying to create an order that was paid for, or partially paid for, with a gift card.


I'm using the admin api to create an order, but there's no option to attach a gift card to the order as a payment method.


This is causing problem because Shopify is not honoring the `payment_due` that I'm setting specifying, because it's doing it's own math on based on the line items in the order.


My request looks something like


POST /admin/orders.json
{ "order": { "billing_address": { ... }, "currency": "EUR", "gift_cards": [ { "amount_used": "10.00", "balance": "10.00", "id": 59637760089, "last_characters": "8275" } ], "line_items": [ { "line_price": 12, "price": 12, "product_id": 1731712974899, "quantity": 1, "requires_shipping": true, "taxable": true, "variant_id": 17169845059635, } ], "payment_due": 2.87, "requires_shipping": true, "shipping_address": { ... }, "tax_lines": [ { "compare_at": "0.0725", "price": 0.87, "rate": "0.0725", "title": "CA State Tax" } ], "total_line_items_price": 12, "total_price": 2.87, "total_tax": 0.87, "shipping_lines": [ { "handle": "shopify-Free%20Shipping-0.00", "price": 0, "title": "Free Shipping" } ], "test": true, "inventory_behaviour": "decrement_obeying_policy", "transactions": [ { "kind": "sale", "status": "success", "amount": 2.87 } ] } }

You can see the $12 item, $0.87 in tax, $0 in shipping, gives a subtotal of $12.87.  I'm using a $10 gift card, so the final total I'm trying to import is $2.87.


But when I check on the created order in the Shopify admin it's $12.87, and there's no mention of a gift card being used.


I don't see anything in the Admin API for specifying a used gift card on the order object, I'm just specifying it as `gift_cards` because that's how the checkout API takes it.


Another problem is that this gift card goes un-redeemed.  The customer can use it an infinite amount of times.


How can I make sure the imported order has the correct total less the gift card used?  How can I represent a gift card was used on this order and empty the balance of the gift card?

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey @Steve_Robbins ,


As it currently stands, there is no way to create Orders or Draft Orders that are paid for by Gift Cards via the Shopify Admin API. 


The only workaround here that I can see would be to use the API instead to create a checkout for the items in that order (which would require your Sales Channel to request for payment processing and then use the specific Gift Card to pay for that order.


Hassain | Developer Support Specialist @ Shopify
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