Inconsistency between REST api scope and GraphQL api scope for ORDERS_CREATE topic

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I was trying to register a webhook with the GraphQL API for the topic ORDERS_CREATE (scopes read_orders) with the following request:

mutation webhookSubscriptionCreate($topic: WebhookSubscriptionTopic!, $webhookSubscription: WebhookSubscriptionInput!) {
    webhookSubscriptionCreate(topic: $topic, webhookSubscription: $webhookSubscription) {
        userErrors { field message }
        webhookSubscription { id }
variables: {
"topic": "ORDERS_CREATE",
"webhookSubscription": {
"callbackUrl": "",
"format": "JSON",
"includeFields": [],
"metafieldNamespaces": []

When I got this error message:



"data": {
        "webhookSubscriptionCreate": {
            "userErrors": [
                    "field": [
                    "message": "You cannot create a webhook subscription with the specified topic"
            "webhookSubscription": null

First, I thought it was an error in my query, so I tried with another topic and everything worked well.

So, I tried to register to the orders/create webhook with the REST API  using the same API key, same scope (read_order), same store:

  "webhook": {
    "topic": "orders/create",
    "address": "",
    "format": "json"

I'm currently able to subscribe to the webhook with the REST API.


I then decided to test the GraphQL request with the scopes read_order and write_order.

With the new scope write_order I'm able to register my webhook.


So, why do we need the read_order and write_order scopes in GraphQL webhook while we just need the scope read_order to register to the orders/create webhook with the REST API ?


We don't want to add the write_order scope in our app as we don't need it and can scare some client...

Can something be done for this issue ?

Does others webhooks has this inconsistency between the REST API and GraphQL API scopes?

Thanks!! =)


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey @Fabrice ,


Thanks for bringing this up. This is a known issue on our end, and our developer teams are looking into this. I'll provide more information when I can. 


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This is also happening with the topic: FULFILLMENTS_CREATE.


Are there any updates expected on this issue?


With kind regards,