Integrate a simple API as a delivery option for my Shopify store

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I would like to integrate a delivery courier, called X-press Couriers, as a potential delivery method for my online store that uses the Shopify platform.

There are 2 options on how to create this App:

1. The app does not need to connect to X-press couriers website to verify the client address in order to provide an option to select Xpress courier as a delivery method. What we do instead is check the client postal code with a list that I will have for allowed areas for delivery, and if the clients postal code is on the list, than we provide the selection of Xpress couriers, otherwise we do not provide it. A simple true or false test.

2. The app check through the API with the X-press couriers if the client address or postal code reside within the area that the X-press couriers can deliver too.


Would you have any code bits or help to provide me on how to start with this app?
It can be a private app!