Integrate in-store with online Gift Card Loyalty program.

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Gift Card Functionality for Shopify Store


Our client is currently on WooCommerce for their e-commerce platform, and are using a POS system called Imagine both in their retail stores and connected to WooCommerce. 

We have been working with the client on a proposal to move them to Shopify for their e-commerce platform, but one of the customizations they require has been tough to work out. 

The client wants a solution where gift cards purchased on the site can be used online and cards purchased in-store can be used as a purchase method on the Shopify store. 

They currently issue a large number of gift cards  (500 + a month) both after purchase on the website but also as rewards for their loyalty programme, EARN. 

Is it possible that Shopify could facilitate the integration of their in-store program with their online program?  They do not want 2 separate programs going on. Through their EARN Loyalty program, they generate gift certificates based on monthly sales and that information is contained within their point of sale system. They are currently issuing around 500+ gift cards per month for the loyalty programme. 

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  • Must be Shopify Plus stores
  • Create a Custom App

Looks like we hit this and response will include everything we need

POST /admin/api/2021-01/gift_cards.json