Integrating my chat bot code from visual studio to shopify

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Hi guys,

I am in the process of creating my own chatbot using visual studio. However, I would like to know how we can integrate the same to my shopify code and wesbite. 

My question is :

a) Should I host the chatbot separately or will I be able to host it along with my website on shopify? If yes, how can the code be integrated with my website?

b) If the answer to the above question is no, then I might have to install an app. However, every app requires me to grant it permission to manage my online store which means they will have access to all my customers' data. Is this safe? 




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This depends on the functionality in your bot.

If your bot just has some simple flows and no complex integrations with your shop,  you might be able to implement the bot in JS and add it to your store's theme.

In other cases, you need something running on a server.


ping me i you need more information about integrating  a chatbot and Shopify.

Hessel (Botz4U)