Integration / access to Admin API via public, private or custom app

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I finished with an integration from our system to update inventory levels via the Shopify GraphQL API.

During development I created a private app and selected permissions needed and everything works fine with my test account.


Now, we will have several clients who will use this integration and I have a hard time getting a grip on how to "deploy" my integration. They all have their separate Shopify stores/accounts.

I've read about public (listed / unlisted), private and custom apps but what I'm really after is, give the clients simple instruktions on how to open up their Shopify store so we can access it via the GraphQL API with the their unique credentials.

My integration needs read and write access to Inventory

As I see it, I can tell my clients to create their own private apps and modify the access needed.

Would this be done automatically if I were to create a public app or am I misunderstanding the concept of a public app?


Kind regards Anders

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Hey @abq,

Yes when you use a public app, authentication is handled by Oauth so there's no manual exchange of credentials.

This tutorial shows how to implement Oauth authentication for your app. You can also use libraries like App Bridge, koa-shopify-auth, or the shopify_api gem which provide methods for simplifying the authentication Flow.

JB | Developer Support @ Shopify 
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