Integration with Trinity Firestorm and Shopify

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We are using Trinity Firstrom and will be using Shopify as our shopping cart for our network marketing company.

We have some questions from Trinity Firestorm and the integration of specific items from our Pay Plan for Shopify.  We really need to get in touch with a Shopify developer to see how the plugins will work and communicate and what needs to be done for everything to work properly.

I tried contacting support, and they sent me here. Any help is much appreciated!!

These are the questions we're looking for answers on from Trinity Firestorm:

These are the items which we have identified (at minimum) which will need review in Shopify

1. Support multiple shopper types which receive different pricing. BP/NPP/PP/Retail/Preferred

a. One way to go about this may be tagging users as they enroll in Firestorm

b. You may need a plugin which can utilize the tag and award pricing

2. Support product pools specific to the shopper type (assuming the Firestorm cart will not be used for Independent Partners)
3. Set up and manage recurring orders

a. Firestorm will need to know how to identify a shopify order as a recurring order for your comp calculations. Is this a specific product, tag, etc?

b. Autoship pricing for each user type

c. Shopping cart pricing for users already on autoship

4. Power of 3 [Recurring Order Credit] (Deferred) - If this ends up not being deferred, you would need a way to issue this credit. Firestorm could calculate and send over a coupon code for the average. Just need confirmation that this is indeed deferred/removed.
5. Preferred Customer Program - ability to award/accumulate/redeem points

a. Note: Firestorm does not push product points to Shopify

b. Ability to tell Firestorm that points were used to withhold commission from products purchased with points

c. Points for referral orders

d. Points for personal orders

e. Loyalty points (possibly deferred)

f. Ability to flush points for going off autoship

6. Automatic Coupons - Firestorm could generate coupon codes for shopify

a. Ability to redeem coupons - note: typically one discount at a time is allowed in shopify. Note for anyone receiving a pricing discount -and- attempting to redeem a coupon

b. Ability to enforce custom redemption rules (new accounts)

c. Coupon redemption tracking likely would not occur as the coupon is redeemed in shopify, not Firestorm

d. Typically shopify is stringent with verbiage changes as it relates to their cart functionality. Do check that you can rebrand wording

7. Note that gift certificates are typically locked behind the plus program. Keep this is mind.

When you have the necessary plugins identified, you can authorize your shopify developer as a contact and our team can take questions as necessary.


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Hey @RJ33,

Consider looking for a Shopify Expert to help you with this. 

CalD | Developer Support @ Shopify 
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