Integrity mismatch warning due to integration of cloudfare with rocket loader

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We're facing an issue with tax when integrating with Shopify.
From usage and API, there's an option called "All taxes are included in my product prices" / "tax_included" from [1] and [2].
However, this option seems be to replaced by another one called "Show all prices with tax included" in the setting (attached screenshot)
The issue is, when we checked the new setting, it seems to act similarly to the option "tax included", which means, at checkout time, tax doesn't show, instead, the price is the one with tax already.
However, the API doesn't reflect this correct, "tax_included" from API still return False.
Can you help advise us on this?

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 4.50.27 PM.png


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Hey there, 


You're correct in that the setting was renamed, I'll make sure I notify our documentation team here to correct the screenshot in the article that you linked. 


However, I'm not able to replicate the 'taxes_included' field returning the wrong value. If taxes are being included in a shop's prices I see 'taxes_included' as 'true' - and vice versa if taxes are not being included in prices. 


If you're able to reliably replicate this being incorrect on a shop, could you point me to the shop in question? 

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Hi Josh


Thanks for your help


I've just tried again with the API and `taxes_included` seems to be correct now.