Interaction between storefront and external source

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I'd like to build a Shopify app that would connect to my external app with a flow like this:

- At the checkout page, loading a modal with different options to the user (coming from an external source).
- When an option is chosen, send a request to my external app that will return a token.
- Once the order is placed, send the token along with all the order to the Shopify backend (through metadata maybe?).
- Register a webhook that will be called once the order has been confirmed, and that will receive the order information with the token.

So basically, what I want is to "anonymize" what the user chooses on the modal so that the Shopify store doesn't know it, but then, on my end, through the webhook & the token, I'll still be able to reconcile the information.

I've looked at the documentation but I'm a little lost as to where I should start for that: it looks like it would be a proxy app, and maybe a theme for the store part. But I'm really not sure.

What would you suggest here?

Thanks for your help.