Internal Server Error when Requesting Order Fulfillment in Shopify Admin

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Hi everyone,

When trying to request an order's fulfillment in the Shopify Admin, we're getting an internal server error. Nothing in the order seems out of place. We do have a private app that is handling order fulfillments, but this app responds to fulfillments/create events, and so it's not in-play at this stage of the fulfillment workflow.

When inspecting the network (Shopify Admin) in Chrome DevTools, we get the following response:


	"errors": [{
		"message": "Internal error. Looks like something went wrong on our end.\nRequest ID: a68c1173-132e-4f00-891b-38a47137e13c (include this in support requests).",
		"extensions": {
			"requestId": "a68c1173-132e-4f00-891b-38a47137e13c"


Could someone check the logs related to the above request ID for us, so we can understand what might be going on here?

Thank you for any help!


Edit: The order ID is 2381768982611, and I can provide the full Shopify store URL in DM if requested. 

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These types of errors are mostly server side errors from Shopify and not from your app, so rest assured, And as the message has suggested you need to contact the shopify support requests.