Introducing a new Node library for accessing the Shopify Admin API

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I have a private shopify app therefore I don't have local application running and also I don't have envirement variable HOST. How can I use this library with private app if Shopify.Context.initialize function use a config object ContextParams needs to have HOST_NAME key?

I have npm package "@shopify/shopify-api" version 1.2.1 installed and it has no Storefront API implemented. I don't know why there is no Storefront API in this version of package considering that github repo release with the same version has that API implemented.

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Hi @Vyacheslav81  ... that was my intention too ...( use with PRIVATE APPS) 

I did some tests and ... in fact I realize that did not work because do not make SENSE ( at least this was my understanding ) 


Because with Private apps ... you will authenticate every api call using key and password  ... 

Maybe  an expert can explain better

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Thank you so much for sharing this!