Inventory Levels - How to improve import time?

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Hello all,

Looking on ways to improve my Inventory Levels import time. Currently, I need to import 500k Inventory Levels (lots of products + multiple stores). I use the GraphQL inventoryBulkAdjustQuantityAtLocation to import these items, but it still takes 45 minutes.

I typically import 100 inventory levels at a time, but this increases/decreases depending on what is returned in throttleStatus.

Does anyone have any suggestions on improving the import time here?
I didn't see a way to do this, but perhaps it's possible to filter the result set to only InventoryLevels.Available > 0?
Has anyone used Bulk Operations-- what's your experience been with that?


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Hey @charliegoyer


inventoryBulkAdjustQuantityAtLocation seems like the way to go. Other folks might have some suggestions. Regarding bulk operations, they can only fetch data.

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