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I'm looking for a way to bulk-update inventory amounts by API. My store setup is pretty simple, each product has only one variant and all products have same location, but the number of products is going to be huge. The only way to update inventory levels I've found so far is, but it updates only one item a time, so I quickly reach the API call limit.

I already tried to minimize the number of API calls by performing only the necessary updates, and implemented "throttling" in my app, but since I will have thousands of products in my shop it's definitely not enough.

So, the question is: how to perform bulk updates of inventory amounts?

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Hey Anton,

Using the GraphQL API will provide you with an increased call limit as it uses a leaky bucket of 1000 cost points, with a leak rate of 50 cost points per second. We also just released a new inventoryBulkAdjustQuantityAtLocation GraphQL mutation for cases just like this. You can learn about all the details here:

Hopefully, this helps!

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Unfortunately, the proposed GraphQL solution is offered only for the "adjust quantity" functionality, not "set quantity".