Inventory/quantity integration between Microsoft Dynamics C5 and Shopify

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Hi experts!

We are a B2B company, only dealing with retailers. Now we opened a Shopify webshop too, specifically for just one of our brands.
With bulk orders coming in from retailers, and at the same time single products orders on the webshop, I predict that we will run into sold out products and dissapointed customers.
We risk overselling, and then either the B2B customer or the webshop customer will be dissapointed. Not really what we desire.

Therefore a product stock/quantity/inventory integration between our ERP (Microsoft Dynamics C5 (2012)) and our webshop is necessary.
We need the quantities to update at least once a day.
Preferably we also need to integrate dates for incoming products automatically.

I spoke to our IT partner, and they are unfortunately not very familiar with Shopify. And I am not technically skilled enough to understand how API's work

Our IT partner can easily fix it in C5 with API, which is also what they recomend. The issue is that they do not know which API's from Shopify to use, or what best practise is with Shopfiy.
We already have a similar solution where we share our stock with daily updates with a few of our B2B customers, but none of them are using Shopify.
A csv file is automatically uploaded every day to ftp, and then our customers quantity of each product is updated.

I am sure we are not the first company with this sort of challenge.

Any help and support is much appreciated!