Inventory syncing failed

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We have a private APP to let our vendor to do inventory syncing but never succeed. 

Here are some details:

1. The API key/password/secret work fine in postman.

2. I can update inventory via /admin/api/2019-04/inventory_levels/set.json in postman

3. The vendor says they support multiple locations. Their sync logs show succeed but the inventory didn't update in our end.

4. Our store is   and we only have one private app


I did chat with Shopify support agent and they said here is the right place to get helped. Any Shopify staff here can help us to get the real cause in the API calling logs? Really appreciate!

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Hi @Appmatic,


Do you have a recent example you could share? A product id and approximate timeframe would be great, as I could look in our logs to see what the issue is. Even more helpful would be the x-request-id header value returned in the response for one of the problematic calls.


My initial thought was that another app may be adjusting the inventory back as soon as it's been updated, but that would not be the case if you only have one app installed. It, however, looks like you have a number of other apps installed on your shop, so perhaps there is an incompatibility if multiple apps are vying for inventory ownership.


In any case, I can help you get to the bottom of this!



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Thanks for attention. Here is the latest one:

Time: 2019-05-30 14:59:11 PDT

Product id: 3601944969296

Variant id: 28380481421392

Location id: 31542378576


It should be updated to 5. 


Looking forward to the detailed logs. Really appreciate. 

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Hello @Appmatic , 


On 2019-05-29 and 2019-05-30, your API calls failed because a PUT request was sent to the inventory_levels/set.json endpoint which only accepts POST requests. These resulted in 406 Not Acceptable responses. 


The parameters that were sent were correct, the calls contained an inventory_item_id of 29314883649616, a location_id of 31542378576, and an available value of 5. It was just the type of request being sent that was causing issues.


I'm also seeing another request on 2019-05-31 that was a successful POST though, so it seems like this has been resolved. 


If you're still having issues though, let me know.