InventoryLevel.Id - What Does it Represent?

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I read about InventoryLevels here:

And the definition of InventoryLevel is:

Represents the actual quantity of an item that is available.

Inventory levels connect one inventory item to one location. Each inventory level holds the available quantity for its inventory item at the associated location.

But then after seeing this article on bulk updating inventory using Graph...I noticed that the InventoryLevel.Id is the same for multiple inventory items:

  • gid://shopify/InventoryLevel/37685843?inventory_item_id=40011829139
  • gid://shopify/InventoryLevel/37685843?inventory_item_id=40011857683

Is it really just a table that houses all inventory by item for a given location? i.e. will it always be the same for All inventory Items in the same Location?


Chad Richardson
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