Invoice (Receipt) for Shopify App Payouts

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I had a little chat with  shopify partner support today regarding how i can download a receipt for my app payouts.


As of now I'am only able to download a csv file with all my payouts, but honestly this is less than ideal.

How am i supposed to add those files to my books?


Are any other shopify developers here that have the same issue? How are you handling the payouts in your bookkeeping?


And to the shopify staff in here, will you add a feature like this in the future?


Kind regards.

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Shopify Staff
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Hey @LukeG,


Prior to joining Shopify I was a partner. I'd collect payouts via PayPal and use Xero to reconcile. Happy to forward on your feedback - can you elaborate on the ideal setup?

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Hi @scottydont ,


thank you for responding.


Ideally I should be able to download a PDF document that shows exactly how much i got paid and why.  



I have 2 different paid plans (Basic,Pro)

The PDF should then list for a payout period:

30x Basic Plan

40x Pro Plan

+ Upgrade Adjustments

- Downgrade Adjustments

- Shopify Fee

= Total amount I got paid


Along with the Business details of Shopify ( Name + Address)

and the Business details of the Partner (Business name + Address)


Iam currently making these invoices myself but I don't think this is the way you should handle your business. In some cases we are talking about a couple thousand dollars per payout and the only document you are provinding as proof for that money is a csv file. 


Kind regards,


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Agree, trying to figure out a similar solution. For state licensing, I have to report my income separately from "raw farm" products vs. hot foods or pantry items.  Still figuring out the best way to do bookkeeping.