Is Shopify checkout required as a sales channel?

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I am trying to figure out if we have to use Shopify's checkout in our marketplace if we create a sales channel or if we can build a checkout system that then syncs with the clients' orders/inventory in Shopify. If there are any other requirements if we build our own, I'd appreciate that info also. Thanks.


The reason I ask is because we want to build specific multi-vendor checkout functionality (e.g., shop and add to cart across vendors, special shipping options by zip code, etc) that are not available using Shopify Checkout.

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Hi @sherw,


As per our sales channel requirements documentation, your app would need to use the checkout API in order to be accepted to the app store. 


Let me know if you have any further questions!

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Hi @Busfox ,


Just following on from this I wondered if you might be able to help us?


We are implementing a marketplace solution and over the past month we have already implemented the Order API and external payment processing.

I've recently read the requirements (Section 5.A.4 and Section 13.D.1) which state that a sales channel must use the Checkout API. My understanding is that the Checkout API and the Order API are mutually exclusive.


Given that I must use the Checkout API, how will it be possible for me  to process single orders against multiple merchants using the Checkout API while adhering to the requirements for listing a sales channel set by Shopify?


There is a recent post in the forum, Marketplace post outlining the same solution we are looking for, and just wanted to make sure that Josh from Shopify's response was indeed correct?


I would be incredibly grateful for any light you could shed on this issue.


Thanks in advance, Rob