Is it necessary to use Shopify's Polaris component library for building mobile app builder?

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Hi Shopify Team,  


I have a few queries which I would like to get answered-
Is it necessary to use Shopify's Polaris component library for building the web components of the mobile application builder or can it be done without it as well? 
There are no specific mentions about this under the requirements section for building public applications that we have to use the Polaris component library but it has been recommended under the sales channel. 
We are a little bit confused here on this and have actually built our application without using the Polaris component library. Moreover, we have seen other similar products on Shopify who are not using this library component. 
We need to be 100% sure about whether to use the Polaris component library or not before sending out any publishing requests to Shopify as it takes a huge amount of time. 
Request you to please help with this and resolve our queries ASAP. Also, to fast-track the process, we can connect over the phone/email. Please let me know, will share my coordinates with you.
Looking forward to hearing from you. 
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Shopify Staff
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Hi @Shivam-1997,


Polaris isn't a requirement.