Is it possible to Create a Shopify web site using API + Connect it to Amazon

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I got a requirement from our customer to achieve the below:-


1) Build core web application >> where users from our web application >> specify their domain name >> logo >> theme >> Amazon username/password >> click on "Create Shopify" >> then the system will integrate with Shopify through the API to create the Shopify site based on the specified domain, log and theme.


2) After that the System will automatically integrate Shopify with the Amazon account. so users can sell their products from Shopify and send them to amazon for delivery...


in other word the user register through our website >> then our web site will create the Shopify website and link it to the Amazon account... to allow B2B integration between Amazon & Shopify...



So are the above general requirements achievable through Shopify & Amazon API ? Thanks in advance for any help.