Is it possible to edit the checkout process and order data?

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Hi everyone,

I am building an app that will allow customers to redeem points (the points system isn't related to shopify) during the checkout and use the points to pay for an order or get a discount. I want to edit the checkout process and page so that customers have the option to redeem the points and pay for the order fully or partially with the points' value. If the customer chose to pay the full order price using points, he won't have to pay anything for the shop owner and if he/she paid part of the order using points, he will have to pay the rest for the shop owner.


I want to know if this is possible to do in shopify or not? and if it is possible then how can I edit the checkout template and process to add such option?



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You cannot edit the checkout flow, and you cannot edit the checkout template unless the merchant is on a Shopify Plus plan. As far as points systems go, I believe this should be possible in a number of ways, considering how there are a number of loyalty/points based apps already published on the app store. I can't speak for how each individually accomplish this, though.



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