Is it possible to have our own account system ?

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Hi, we've been building for several months an application that works with shopify and several other platforms.
Our system works using an account system to allow users centralize shops and this system works using a system account that works with Auth0 (our app is an SPA with a microservice architecture).

We've sent the application to the review and it was rejected due to this system account.
I didn't found a way to contact the support regarding to the development so... here is my question: Is it possible to pass the review with a system like that ?

Our main goal using this sytem is to completely centralize every platforms of the customer (if it has many such as woocommerce, etc..) so... we need our system to work.
If it's not, can we use a similar system such as asking to bind an account with the store right after the installation ?

(Edit): Actually, the system requires the login before the generate and redirect process to complete the installation on shopify



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Can you post a screenshot of the rejection message? And can you walk through the current flow, step-by-step, for what happens when the user clicks 'Add App' to install your app from the Shopify app store?