Is the productListing API required for sales channel apps?

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Hi there! I'm working on a sales channel app and am wondering whether or not we can use the basic Product API or if we have to use the ProductListing API...


Here's how we're setting up: 

Merchants will install our app via the app store, and we'll ask for access scope to view account, view products, and create checkouts.


Once connected, our native iOS app will let merchants choose any product from their inventory, and then confirm they want to "post" that product to the customers on our platform. None of our customers will be able to view the merchant's products until the merchant actively posts it.


According to the documentation, it seems like we could either:

1. call the Product API to get a list of those products and their attributes

or 2. call the ProductListing API, but that would require us to include an extra onboarding step where merchants give specific permission for the products they want to access on our channel?


Will we be rejected during the app store approval process if we submit a sales channel app but do NOT use the Shopify admin UI with the ProductListing API, and instead just call the Product API and allow merchants to select products they want to promote on our channel on our end?


Thanks for your help!