Issue with Shopify Product Recommendation API - returns no product

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our client ( is having a problem with our Upsell App - Candy Rack which uses also Shopify Product Recommendation API. Recently we have experienced that no product was returned even though the client's store has many other products in stock. 


Screenshot at Jul 30 12-56-06.png


Could someone from the Shopify team explain how the recommendation works or how can we avoid such a situation?




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Hey @Michal7 , 


There are some cases where we'll recommend products by responding with other products that share a collection with whichever product you're fetching recommendations for - as long as it is not a /all or /frontpage collection.  We'll do this on shops without orders within a certain timeframe, or shops with larger product catalogs. 


In this case, the shop falls into the above category of fetching related products from a collection, except it only has a /all collection which would be ignored. If they created another collection to group their products together that had a different handle than /all, you should find recommended products in your responses. 


Please let me know if the above doesn't do the trick though! 

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Hi @Josh We're running into a similar problem with our implementation of smart recommendations. In this store's product we're getting no recommendations returned even though it has collections associated:


Should it not default to retrieving suggestions from the collections or does it only apply to stores with > 7000 items?


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi @csell , 


I'm not able to replicate this - when fetching recommendations with the Ajax API I'm getting 4 products back as expected.




Is this still a problem for you? If so, how are you fetching your recommendations?