Issue with price from AJAX API product/{product-handle}.js

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Hi, I'm having problem when call AJAX API get the JSON of a product (GET /products/<product-handle.js>)

Before April 10, 2019, the price value response from this api is the same with price that I set in my admin screen.

Example, I set the price of product A to $100. When I call /products/product-A.js, it is return {"price": 100, ...}

But now it is return {"price": 10000, ...} (There is extra "00").


I have check the Developer Changelog site and I saw this:

This change impacts following endpoints:

  • /products/{product-handle}.js

There is no detail about what is impact in this api.


I am pretty sure that I did not change my code.

Is there anyone having the same issue?

Can someone verify that this is the change that impact?

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Hey there, 


The changelog post that you linked to was intended more to notify that the endpoints listed were subject to displaying prices in presentment currency, as opposed to more intricate details on said changes. 


This is likely a side-effect of that changelog post you linked to though, yes. Since the code to display the price itself hasn't changed, the presentment currency that it is being displayed in seems to be the cause.

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Is there any solution for this, i m also facing this same issue.