Issues with Typescript defintions in Shopify-api-node lib

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There seems to be a few issues with the typescript definitions in shopify-api-node. For reference, I'm looking at the graphql docs.

I'll outline a few that exist for IOrder.

1.  billing_address is set to required, whereas the docs specify that

"Not all orders have mailing addresses" 

Ideally, we'd have
instead of the current
billing_address: ICustomerAddress 

2. client_details is set to required
According to your docs, order has no field client_details

3. shipping_address is to required

However, the value can be null. Ideally we'd have

4. Docs specify the existence of currentCartDiscountAmountSet

IOrder Typescript definition lacks it

5. Cancel_reason set to required, but according to docs

"Reason the order was canceled. Returns null if the order wasn't canceled."

I suggest cancel_reason: OrderCancelReason | null;



Am I mistaken here? If not, will those definitions be updated soon?

I also noticed that the definitions lack admin_graphql_api_id, why? Shouldn't they be there?

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Shopify Staff
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This npm package shopify-api-node  is an open source package not released from Shopify. While I suspect some of the developer community might find your post here, I would recommend creating an issue in the repository linked to the npm package.



John C | Developer Support @ Shopify 
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