JS Buy SDK - No Live View & Add To Cart not documented

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First of all, when I create a checkout with the JS Buy SDK it doesn't seem to appear in my live view, which is not the desired effect since I wanted to create an app that can be seen through all sales channels.


In addition, the add to cart functionality of the API is no longer documented?? or doesn't exist




when I click the "documentation" button on the bottom of this page, it sends me to the same page.



any help is appreciated.

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Hi @Kyle_Dayne,


Can you elaborate "doesn't appear in my live view"? You would need to complete a checkout for it to become an order, and show up in your order section of the admin.


In terms of adding an item to cart, you would want the following:




In the move from V0 to V1, cart was replaced with checkout.


Let me know about the clarification I asked for, and I can help set you on the right path there.