July 2021: No longer able to create orders via GraphQL

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We create orders via GraphQL for testing. Per Shopify staff's response to a question, the recommended approach for creating orders via GraphQL was to create draft orders and then completing the draft order. However, we started getting errors "Checkouts are not available for this store."


We then contacted Shopify and learned that's no longer a viable solution.

Here's the chat excerpt:

Shopify: Especially with the update that was recently announced that mentioned that draft orders will no longer work moving forward

Us: can you share that update?

Shopify: Thank you for your patience with this, I confirmed with our team that this was not announced publicly but an update was made to make sure that Partners are properly testing out orders through a development store

Shopify referred us to this article, but it doesn't address how to create orders via GraphQL, just web checkout.

We also looked into REST API and noticed that there's a POST /admin/api/2021-04/orders.json, but there's this warning:


Anyone else seeing this issue? Is this effectively Shopify's way to stop allowing development stores and forcing all developers to use paid stores? 

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I've been having the same issue with partner development store for a few weeks.

For the past two years, I always created test orders from draft order creation page (https://{subdomain}.myshopify.com/admin/draft_orders/new). I would select products and customer info, then click "Mark as paid" button. All my partner development stores had been configured with bogus payment gateway many months ago. I have never had any problems with this method.

A few weeks ago, I started seeing the following error when I tried to create test orders.

Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 8.14.33 PM.png

I have tried many things, including deactivating and re-activating bogus gateway, and enabling shopify payment test mode. None of them worked. I also reached out to Shopify support, and all I got was this document about Testing orders in development stores, which I already knew and didn't work.

This is very frustrating. I understand Shopify engineering teams deploy many updates every month, but there weren't any publicly announced changes related to checkout and payment in partner development store, nobody communicated in email for this change, the document Shopify support provided was basically useless, and I couldn't find any resources that can help me regain the ability to effortlessly create test orders.