Limit of 250 tags per product: applied tags VS all tags

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I'm getting this error for all the products I import/update: 

%{"tags" => ["cannot be more than 250."]}



In shopify's graphql documentation, it says since March 2019 there is a limit of 250 tags per product. The problem is, this limit seems considering all the tags in "View all tags", rather than the "Applied tags":

(here inside the ALL TAGS section I have exactly 250 tags; limit reached).


That being said, a store with 251 products and 1 tag for each product would reach the limit of 250 tags listed in "All tags" section. That doesn't make any sense...

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Hey Derek.


Could you provide me with an X-Request-Id response header? I can't replicate and this will help me check out logs. Most ideal if you can replicate when you get this and send me a more recent request.