Limits with Graphql bulk operation

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Do anyone know if there is a limit on bulk operations for the GraphQL admin api?

Lets say I would want to fetch certain information from products of a store. But the store has 100 000 products. Will it still work?

If not is there a way to limit the bulk operation to only return lets say the first 10 000 products or so?


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You should be able to. Example below using the GraphiQL app. I am pulling the first 500 products in a bulk operation. Of course if my test shop had more products I could choose a larger amount. Give it a shot!



EDIT: checking the downloaded JSONL file, it appears is if all products were pulled. As evidenced by the API response when the file was shown ready for pulling. The record count and contents were the full product set.

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We have run into the same issue - wanting to limit the number of items coming back in a bulk operation. Is this a bug in the API or is it working as intended?