Local delivery Bugs

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I'm currently using the Local Delivery option for the shipping, and i found what i think are bugs in the implementation of this feature.


Right now we have 2 locations where we can deliver:





As you can see in the images above, i have "This location offers local delivery" set in both our location, but in the first image, it says that our "Centro do Porto" local can't deliver. Another problem i found is that i can't set some specific postal codes for one local, and another set of postal codes for the other location. If i want to delivery to multiple zones, i need to add the postal codes to one of the centers.

This brings us to the last bug. If i change something in one of the centers, that changes are also reflected on the other center, making them not separate from each other. This makes it impossible to filter the orders by it's distribution center.


Could i get some enlighten on this bugs?


Kind regards,

André Bastos