Looking for Bottle Deposit custom development

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Is there anyone out there who can custom develop a Bottle Deposit solution? It seems to be a common request so someone, somewhere must have found a solution by now. 

Looking for a developer or recommendation for someone who can do this for me.

Some details:

  • There will be multiple deposits as we sell both wine and liquor (and some non-deposit items).
  • This is the theme I am using on the site: http://demo.ishithemes.com/shopify/SHOPY040/ It is using an Ajax cart, but we don't need the deposit to show up until the checkout.
  • I like the checkout process on this theme, so I think it is a good idea to let people see the cart page and adjust their options. I don't think the deposit needs to be added until the same time shipping & taxes are calculated on the checkout page. But honestly, whatever is simplest works for me.
  • The site will be connecting to a POS system via API.
  • Here's a sample site that's working using Shopify: https://zyn.ca/
  • Here is a sample of a developer who has implemented the same solution I am looking for: https://www.bentosmb.com/blogs/our-work/custom-theme-build-bottle-deposit (I've contacted them but I can't get into the queue until mid-late-Jan)

The solution must be implemented by early December.

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Are you on shopifyPlus? As that would simplify moving the bottle deposit to be exactly during checkout.

Otherwise it just happens on the cart template when the checkout is clicked.


Either way a bottle deposit is conceptually just an addon product ,or upsell,etc and can be achieved with a theme customization.

There's even a shopify tutorial that can be used as a starting point https://shopify.dev/tutorials/customize-theme-add-gift-wrap-option 

The full api is only needed if you've omitted critical details of extra functionality.



Merchants needing this customizations may contact me at paull.newton+shopifyforums@gmail.com with details for pricing.



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