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I am not sure if it's just me or not but, I have not had any luck lately reaching Shopify support for a while now. Their customer service seems to be non existence for all three live chat, email and phone. I use to get quick responses from them before.


I just need someone to help me find an API expert that would recommend based on their performance and excellent results.


Gowebbaby - Never contacted me back


Arctic Grey - Never contacted me at all


Wolfpoint Agency - Never contacted me at all


Minion Made - Never contacted me at all


Boldcommerce - Could not help me


I contacted multiple experts that never responded or where not able to assist me in API integration.


So I am looking for someone who would know an agency/expert that they use before and were satisfied with the work and that I can be referred to.


Thank you

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Hi @Zachia_Moses,


If you haven't created a job in our experts marketplace, I would absolutely recommend it! You can specify exactly what you are looking for, and be matched with partners with experience in those areas.