Make Shopify store customer who has logged into his account on the store, log into my Shopify app

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Hello Everyone, I have developed an app for Shopify platform and it has been installed on many stores.

i just wonder if is there a functionality to make the customer log into my Shopify app using his account on the same store where the app installed. 

thank you.

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If they're accessing your app and you're validating the hmac parameters, wouldn't that mean the user accessing your app has already logged in to that admin account? Forcing them to log in again would probably not make the best UX, assuming that's what you mean.

You might need to paint a clearer picture of what your current and desired app experience looks like. As a general suggestion, online access tokens last as long as the user's admin session which further guarantees the user is logged in when accessing your app: An added benefit is that you can choose what you allow the user to access based on their shopify account-level permissions.