Make a Partial Refund with Shopify API

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Per the documentation, I see how I can fully refund an entire order, + or - Shipping, but How do I refund only a certain amount on the order such as $23.00 on a $50.00 order (if the customer requests to cancel an order, we charge a restocking fee.)

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You would need to use the refunds endpoint as you already pointed out in your question and the link you provide. Prior to making the request, you would need to know the order ID, the line item ID (or items) being returned (you get that info from the order itself) and the parent transaction ID you shall reference as the payment being refunded (you get that from /orders/<ORDER_ID>/transactions.json) as well as the location ID where you shall be re-stocking the returned merchandise.


Once you have those, POST /admin/orders/<ORDER_ID>/refunds.json


  "refund": {
    "currency": "USD",
    "notify": true,
    "note": "wrong size",
    "shipping": {
      "full_refund": false
    "refund_line_items": [
        "line_item_id": 2266028769395,
        "quantity": 1,
        "restock_type": "return",
        "location_id": 7245332595
    "transactions": [
        "parent_id": 1092479058035,
        "amount": 23,
        "kind": "refund",
        "gateway": "Cash on Delivery (COD)"

In above example we send a refund notification, set a return reason in the note and do not refund the shipping costs. The gateway would depend on your transaction - I used COD as an example here.


That's it really - let me know if anything isn't clear or you have additional questions.


Best wishes!

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@KarlOffenberger  Do you have to specifiy a line item? I want to just refund a customer an amount not based on a line item. I.e. just refund them $5.00 like you're able to do when you click on the order in Shopify's admin portal:

shopify refund example.png

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Also looking at this. I want to be able to give a customer a partial refund of $1 - 5, without it having to be tied to a specific line item or shipping. 

Isn't there any way to do this? The post above from ashwin-ramdas shows the screenshot from the back-end where this is possible manually. Just need to do the same thing through the API.