Make the transfers API available!!

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Why is a Transfers API not available - even as read only? I and MANY, MANY  others have asked and received deafening silence. It is maddening. A couple of things I could do with it are:

  • Report on oversold products where there isn't any incoming stock so I know to order it.
  • Export transfer data to attach to a purchase order I raise in my accounting system.

Neither of these require anything more than read only access. There is already an unsupported JSON API at /admin/transfers.json 


This is has been asked for repeatedly and even hinted that it was coming in 2016.  Seriously? Transfers are a great idea but not if you can't access the data! 


Can someone from Shopify please answer this. 

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I would like to second this request as well.

We could unlock a lot of new scenarios with this API.

I thought Shopify might be waiting to release multi-location, but that it's been released for several months, what's stopping the release of the transfers APIs?

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Even an export link on the transfers page in Shopify Admin would be a good short term stopgap.



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This would be very nice... But makes too much sense apparently. 

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And here we are the end of 2019 and this simple task is still not done. You can even see it within products now but still can't even access through liquid as well.

All we want guys is `variant.incoming_inventory`... DO IT Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 1.40.38 PM.png

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Interestingly there is a transfer endpoint documented here:


Can we make that official?

We need this for a customer, please release it as soon as possible Shopify!


Also related: unlock the ability to add "Admin links" to Transfer pages.

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I would like to add my voice to those requesting access to this API. I could really use it for my app. I want to integrate tightly with Shopify!

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Totally agree . This would be incredibly useful. Please make this happen. 

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I am so angry with Shopify.  Where is the live chat in support these days?  Gone completely?

I desperately need my developer to run some back order reports showing delivery ETA on incoming orders and we cannot do this without access.

Shopify doesnt even have ANY reports so how the hell are you supposed to use this "transfer" 

I wanted to enter our purchases so we could - at a glance - see all the products we are waiting for from a supplier.  Pretty obvious and basic - and should be a feature within shopify.

So if it isn't - at least allow developers to do your job for you?

So angry - as now I cannot see the point in spending the time entering the products purchased as I am sure it will lead to more confusion when we have to keep clicking into orders finding products etc.