Manually Installing Conversion Tracking Codes

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I am trying to install add to cart and initiate checkout events for various platforms (Reddit, Snapchat, Quora, Linkedin, etc.)

I have installed all of the global site tags correctly in the <head> as well as the purchase tags in the Additional Scripts.

I am just having some trouble finding where to install the ATC and CheckoutIntiated events for all the respective platforms. (I am hoping to have the ATC tracked based on the cart page rather than the button click)

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Hi @SethBar ,


If you go to Online Store > Preferences > Google Analytics you may be able to place your scripts there. Not exactly sure what tools you're using for the tracking codes.



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Hi @achieveapplabs 


Thanks for replying. We aren't using any tools to install if that is what you are asking. Like not Google Tag Manager or anything like that.


We are hoping to place the scripts so they are correctly tracking on each platform's ad manager. I am not sure that installing them in the Google Analytics section will do this.




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Essentially a great question.

I would like many like to do this. 

How did you achieve adding the purchase code?

The tracking codes are javascript and for a view content the script tag would just need to be added to the template for the page, product page etc. But where is this template?

The add to cart is the most tricky as it is on a button press. And it could be a couple of places.

I am sure the devs would be able to help us with some example code. TY if anyone can help.