Method app.getState() not returning data

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I developed a new app using the App Bridge, and I'm using the app.getState('pos.user') method. I created a temporary app to develop it to avoid touching our existing apps.

I deployed the new changes to our existing apps, but the method app.getState('pos.user') is only returning the correct payload in my "develop" app. The method is not returning any data in my other store.

In both apps, the Shopify POS setup is identical, and both have requested the user data scope.

Any idea what could be missing?
Thank you.

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Hi Sling,

Do you see any errors or log messages in the console when calling `app.getState('pos.user')`. If it works for one app and not another then there is likely something wrong with the config. You might want to double check the `apiKey` and `shopOrigin` params passed to `createApp`. Another potential problem is that your existing app was configured to use only the legacy EASDK. If you could provide your app id, we could investigate for you.