Migrating away from shopify and redirecting image to new site

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I have had my site on Shopify for a few years but am now migrating to Wordpress, because the site has become more content focused and no longer does much ecommerce 

However, we are facing a big issue with moving images, due to the fact that all Shopify images sit on the URL cdn.shopify.com as opposed to the site's actual domain.

The problem is that we have hundreds of images on the site, and many of these are indexed by Google, driving a significant percentage of the site's traffic. For this reason, if we move the images to a new URL, they are no longer indexed by Google and we would lose lots of traffic.

So of course, we need to redirect the old images their new URLs to solve this. However, we have no control over the cdn.shopify.com domain 

Ultimately it seems that we need somebody at Shopify to set up these redirects for us, once we have the images duplicated at the new host - however I understand it is not a standard request, so customer service do not seem to understand it.

I'm happy to pay for the setup of the redirects, and will need to keep them live for 3 months, for which I'm happy to pay for hosting - then they can be removed once Google has indexed the new image URLS

Please put me in touch with the correct team to deal with this