Modal pop up with no action buttons does not open at the passed height but 400 px by default

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I'm trying to open a popup using the function( with no footer buttons and no matter what height I pass it opens by default at 400px.


The width parrametter works.

Is there something wrong I do with the height?


Thank you,

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Hey @Widgetic ,


I would highly recommend that if you are building a new app or making significant upgrades to your app, you use the new "Shopify App Bridge" client-side library instead of the legacy "Embedded App SDK". The Shopify App Bridge has the same functionality as the Embedded App SDK, and you can read this documentation here to customize the size of a Modal by passing in one of 4 different `Moda...


If you continue to use the Embedded App SDK, be aware that today all all existing apps - without having to update their code - utilize the Shopify App Bridge backwards compatibility layer. This backwards compatibility layer listens for legacy Embedded App SDK methods to be called and translates them to their equivalent Shopify App Bridge actions. However even with this backwards compatibility layer, we still recommend that you upgrade your app to use the Shopify App Bridge directly for any new work/updates in order to utilize the following benefits:

  • modern front-end development workflows, including modular JavaScript
  • strict versioning using SemVer, for even more stability and predictability
  • more and clearer error messaging than is available through the backwards compatibility layer
  • new features which will not be available to the Embedded App SDK or the backwards compatibility layer


Hassain | Developer Support Specialist @ Shopify
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I tried to do what it says in the Shopify App Bridge documentation here:

but the popup won't open at all.

I did dispatch the the open event but no chance.

If I log the classes itself and the objects all seems to be good, not undefined.

But when calling the function nothing happens.

Is there a reason that the pop would not open for?