Modify the Shopify Checkout

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We are trying to build a Shopify App which will allow users to pay in installments. It is supposed to work as the following:
1. Break up payment into multiple installments
2. Make pre-authorized charges to the user accordingly

This requires us modifying the Shopify checkout. We are building it as a Shopify app which could be installed and used in various merchant stores.


We built the app and tried to publish it on the Shopify Store. However, it got rejected with the reason that public apps are not allowed to modify checkouts. We then tried the unlisted app route, but that also gets categorized as a public app and hence is not an option. Finally, we considered the private app option. On some basic research through Shopify documentation, we figured that through the private app we can modify the checkout. However, Shopify defines the Private app as “Private apps are built exclusively for your Shopify store (unlike public apps, which are built to work with many stores).”. This would not serve our purpose because we want to build this app which could be plugged into multiple Shopify stores. Incidentally, we have also found few players which have private apps which they use to integrate to other stores for exactly the same purpose (modifying the checkout). We are confused now whether it would be safe to build the app as a private app given the precedences of the other apps or risky as this is against Shopify’s prescribed definition.


Can anyone please guide us over here? Is building private app and using it on other stores something which is typically done? Is there any other way we can solve this problem?



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Hey we have the same exact issue. Were you able to find any solution?