Multipass return_to URL with query parameters

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Hey everyone!

Recently got Multipass up and running, it's working great! I have a question about the return_to field that you can use to generate an encrypted Multipass login URL (for redirection).

The return_to field is working just fine, except when I add a query parameter.  Our site involves a Shopify domain and a third party domain (hence the Multipass integration) so there will be times when we need to redirect the user to a URL that isn't part of the Shopify domain.

I though this would be no problem - just set up a custom Shopify page that parses a query parameter and does the redirection in JS, easy peasy.  However, it looks like Multipass does not like having query params included in the return_to field.  Without the params, the redirect works fine, WITH the params I get a Shopify "Oops!" error page with an error message: Invalid Return To URL. Please enter a valid URL.

So, is there a way to include query parameters in the return_to field?  Or even better, is there a way to allow Multipass to redirect a user to a non-Shopify store domain?

Please let me know if any of this is unclear, or you need more information!  Thanks all.

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I am also facing the same issue, anyone can help?