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I've got a quick but a really tricky question to ask here today.
Let me start with a little background. Recently we've released the updated version of our app including the bulk editing functionality: metafields imports/exports and the bulk editor itself. Everything is great, but we are not satisfied with the Shopify API calls rates we have to deal with.

And here's that tricky question I mentioned earlier: are we allowed to use additional private apps to help make the import/export of metafields faster?
Currently, the app uses a single API key (just like any other app) and the idea is to allow our users to add some additional API keys via the private app option to overcome Shopify API limits and unleash the full potential of our app. Like, using 3-5 API keys should allow our imports to complete 3-5 times faster as we'll be able to split the process into the multiple threads, right?
I wasn't able to find any signs of prohibitions on additional API keys usage but still I'd like to make things clear and make sure that this won't violate any of Shopify's policies.

Thank you!

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Hey @MetafieldsGuru,

I'd strongly recommend against that approach. A reminder from the Shopify API License and Terms of Use:

4. API Limits. Shopify may set and enforce limits on your use of the Shopify API (limiting the number of requests that you may make or the number of Merchants you may serve), in our sole discretion. You agree to, and will not attempt to circumvent such limitations [...]

If you haven't already, you can request an API call limit increase for your app through the Partner Dashboard.

Callum | Developer Support @ Shopify
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