Music App as Storefront for Shopify Merchants

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I work for a music streaming app that's interested in selling artist merchandise. Currently, we are exploring opportunities with third party vendors (many of whom sell through Shopify) in which users would click on links/images of artist merchandise in our app and would then be redirected to the vendor websites to complete the transaction. The current flow (in which users are pushed out of the app and into a web view of the partner site) will likely create a large drop off, when users leave the app. To mitigate this drop off risk, is there an SDK or other integration that would be possible for the music streaming app to serve as the storefront for these partners' merchandise, while allowing users to complete the entire checkout process while staying in our app? Basically, we want the end-to-end e-commerce flow to feel like a native experience, even though Shopify merchants are in fact managing and selling the artist merchandise.