Need help with Affiliatly & CloudFlare

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Hey Guys,


After setup Affiliatly APP I'm trying to test the affiliate links 
After I ordered to test that, I cant see any orders or tracking


I have been search and saw that link:


Already contact shopify support but they don't help with that kind of problems.

I'm using CloudFlare domain, That why i have the problem with that.


Any when had the same problem and know the solution?


You can see at Note 2 step:


"Note 2: If you are using the services of CloudFlare (or any other Content Delivery Network) for your store, its possible that the link tracking method will not work correctly, because Cloudflare is masking the real IP address of the customer and returns their own server addresses in the purchase's data. To fix this issue, please contact the Shopify's support asking them to look into the matter (i.e. in the purchase's data returned by their API, the real customer IP address must be present, not the masked one) and contact our support so we can give you an additional code which needs to be added to your store's checkout page while this issue is fixed by Shopify/Cloudflare."


Thank in advance!