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Hey there, let me know is this question is not related to this discussion!

Here's the issue :
I need to build a custom component for a shop that will use transfers to alert staff. The best way would be to use a webhook to push some data when a Transfer is created (with specific values such as tags or origin) but I can't find any references about Transfert in both Rest(Event/Webhooks) and GraphQL docs. Since there's no reference at all about Transfers in the Access scopes section, I guess it's not possible to do what I'm thinking. Am I right - or - is there any chance that these hooks are currently in development ? 

Thank you.

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey @jesuismaxime ,


If by Transfers you are referring to {store-name} functionality in the Admin, then as it currently stands this functionality does not have a public API associated to it. This means that there is no Webhook or GraphQL queries/mutations or access scopes available for this functionality. 


To my knowledge, there is no work in progress right now to make a public API for the Transfers functionality but you can follow along with our change logs to see if this ever updates in the future:


As a potentially workaround, you can subscribe to the GraphQL Webhook Topic of "inventory_levels/update". This will make your app aware of any inventory level changes to any inventory items on your store, which will include Transfers. 


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@hassainWe really need an API for this. Please advocate for it on our behalf.