New Cursor Pagination for syncing orders

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Greetings Shopify, we have recently received an email that some app on our store will be updated to remove the page filter on some endpoints. We currently have software in place that pulls all existing Shopify orders and syncs them every minute. We use a queuing system to index through the pages and this way if we have a failed page of orders that syncs we can throw that specific page back into the queue in any position. Now when you will update the page filter and get rid of it — how will we be able to queue the failed job. If a page fails to sync then we will not have the cursor for the next page and so on. So it will cause all the following jobs to fail.

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Ok, so currently you have a software in that pulls all existing shopify orders and syncs them. Your job must be syncing the orders in a sequential order.

What you can do is save the last that has been processed by your job. And when your job fails, you can use the last processed that you saved to your database and get the orders using ?

Hope that helps.