Node/React app using shopify-cli, taking a long time to load

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Hi everyone,

I'm building a public app with Node/React using the shopify-cli. I'm developing locally and the shopify-cli is using ngrok to create a tunnel to load my app into my dev store. However, it takes a very long time to reload the app in my dev store every time I make a change to the code (sometimes longer than 1 minute). It also seems that the UI will load far sooner than the functionality. I'm developing a simple form, and the inputs will appear relatively quickly but it will take much longer for their handleChange functions to start working and for them to behave properly (for the first minute or so nothing happens when I interact with the inputs, and then after waiting a while they'll start to call their handleChange functions). Is this normal? Or is there something I can do to speed up the process? Thanks.