Non-Embedded app still redirects to Shopify

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I switched my Schopify-cli created app to be a non-embedded app by disabling it in the partners app settings as described here:


After doing that and re-installing the app on my development store, it now opens in a new tab. However after the page has loaded in a new tab it jumps back to Shopify and displays like an embedded app. How can I fix this so it stays in its own tab? My app is bare-bones created from the Shopify-cli.


I want to switch it to a non-embedded app to be able to debug the app, based on this thread:



Are you using AppBridge/Polaris? It usually will do a redirect unless specified otherwise:


I usually put:

forceRedirect: process.env.NODE_ENV === "production"

on the App Bridge which basically means only redirect when in production mode so that dev mode loads app in a different window outside of the admin.

Check out Store Recon on the app store.
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Thank you! That was it. I missed that parameter.