Not getting Analytics data in the response of Reports API using REST Admin API

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I have tried to access the analytics APIs and Reports APIs using REST Admin APIs and I succeed to create the report and added ShopifyQL in the report for the fields I required. got the report_id in the response, now when I am accessing the report using the report_id via API, it's returning the definition of that report not the data I have requested. Is there any way to get the data of the report created in the response of the API, though I can see the data in store dashboard but not getting it in the API response.

Waiting to get the help regarding the above issue.

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Facing exactly the same problem. It specifies in the documentation that it "Retrieves a single report" but, it returns just the definition. Wanted to try using ShopifyQL but, couldn't find a way to use it using REST API. Hope there is a response on this soon!